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        The WHIMSYUM is organizing, referring, &/or training people for the following positions:

 Join our list at to learn about additional leadership opportunities!

     a.  MUSICIANS
     b.  DANCE LEADERS (see description at bottom of page)

      a). MUSICIANS
      b).  CALLERS


       a).  right now just for Women-Only gatherings

 5).   ***INTERACTIVE*** BREATHWORK Teachers:

 6).  INTERACTIVE WHITE Tantra Teachers ( nonsexual/nonsensual:  like kundalini yoga)

  7).  CARPOOL DRIVERS TO FUN EVENTS!  ( Gas, event, & frequently meal-- is covered; occasionally payment for driving as well)

  8).  COMPUTER PROGRAMMER ( this is just for someone periodically attending gatherings/ a core participant- member of this community)

   9).  There are more opportunities we're behind in posting; check back, page will be updated periodically;



 SCHEDULING MUSICIANS to Accompany Meditative Folk Dance (Dances Of Universal Peace/ Sufi Dance):

Scheduling both for our community dances, plus to be referred when needed for dances (no $are taken for referrals, this post is from the LA/ So Cal Dances Of Universal Peace community, not a business).

If you want to be scheduled w/out practicing, drop in on public dances ( go to this link for next date: ), sit in & play one 15 min. dance so we can confirm you’re able to do what’s needed. 

Otherwise to be scheduled you must 1st meet w/dance leader on a weekday during daylight hours, in a park on coastal Westside (either Brentwood, Venice, or Santa Monica/Pacific Palisades border; & spend about 15 min playing to confirm that you're able to do what's needed.

Melody-playing musicians needed to accompany this community dance/practice, called 'The Dances Of Universal Peace'. Drummers are also welcome to apply, but we have fewer melody musicians, so we're especially looking for them.

(***If the dance leader has a good experience w/you, & you have the right kind of skills, you may also be invited to play in bands bringing new fusions of music to Contra Dance, an entirely different community & music style [similar to barn dancing]***)


a).   --can enjoy just accompanying, & not improvising:  You'll be supporting the singing of drop-in participants, most of whom are learning songs for the 1st time & immediately needing to sing together as a group:  We need musicians to focus on supporting them keeping together & them following the melody, not distracting them w/improvisation.  Plus musicians to focus on dance leader & subtly follow their lead to slow/quicken pace, or play louder/softer. 

b).  --ideally are able to play short simple melodies by ear w/out reading music or practicing; but if you learn quickly but need to hear in advance & practice 1st, --we could email you some youtube links of songs.  

c).  --enjoy both the music, diverse inspirational content, & atmosphere which alternates from meditative to energetic: Music varies between global, folk, & new-age-y.  Though many people do this for fun just to sing & dance, --some do it as a deep, spiritual, community practice:  Each dance gathering includes a handful of dances, each created from the vast diverse creative, wisdom, or spiritual/religious traditions of the world:  Each dance focuses on celebrating positive aspects of the human experience universal to all human beings no matter what they’re background, culture or traditions:  Attendees walk (or dance) in a circle, while singing (or chanting), & exchange symbolic gestures as they pass each other.


***You must respond by phone to be scheduled***  To avoid spam, phone # & other contact info is only released on our our email list (see top of page), or the list you saw this announcement.

For more info on musician & leadership opportunities, go to or join our list above.

       DESCRIPTION for:

New/Student/Participant Leaders for leading dances,

Experienced Dance Leaders,

Musicians experienced at playing for the dances,

Musicians not experienced at playing for the dances.

Read page then contact us; info may change periodically, check page & emails before each event (changes always emailed to our list, not always up to date on page):

 take refrain or couple of phrases from song or chant most inspiring to u ( ideally the part that is universally inspiring); pick simple hand/arm/leg gestures/movements that embody what is meaningful to u about song (either for people to exchange as they pass each other walking around the circle, or to do walking individually in a circle).  Ideally should not be more than 2 repeating phrases of singing & gestures (1 phrase is just as great if it feels good enough mind, body & spirit that people will want to do it over & over).  Please choose movements a person with delicate health could repeat over & over with ease & no discomfort.  Soon we'll be hosting 'Dances For Active People' where you can lead more fitness engaging dances (Requests for certain topics at bottom of this page! )..

 Musicians who can immediately accompany any song (without sheet music or being told what key) are invited to come to dance events, sit in & play for 1 or 2 of the 15 minute dances, --to confirm you can do what's needed & can be scheduled.  Try to arrive not just at the start of the dancing, but 15 min before the dancing beings: --so dance leaders can connect with you, familiarize you with their songs & pace, & practice some with you.  If you’re not able to come til later you ~may~ still be fit in.  

(***This community needs more melody musicians (other kinds of musicians welcome as well)!:  We run the list for all So Cal dances, so if you're a scheduled, you'll be put on the So Cal list of musicians available (who've ve been confirmed by dance leaders to able to play these kind of dances***).


     Not Required, but appreciated:

Dance Leaders share what inspired you to share this particular dance today;  the 'seed' of wisdom from the 'story' the song/dance you're sharing offers; what 'doing' the dance does for you.  An example:  Why?: a loved one passed away.  Seed?:  that our spirit & story is eternal.  What doing the dance does for you?:  brings a deeper celebration of that person, & a deeper honoring/understanding/experience of their passing.

Feedback from experienced leaders will be given individually to new leaders after dance to not interrupt flow of dancing, + because it's easier to absorb learning when whole room is not staring at you 
  Experienced dance leaders, especially mentored/certified, encouraged to ‘adopt’ student leaders & offer mentorship.

 If you'd like ideas for dance creating, here are some `universal themes' not yet, or rarely in dance, which we'd love to experience:  new kinds of leadership; joy of laughter & humor;  new directions, new frontiers & the awe & wonder of space;  joy of sillyness;  dances which incorporate therapeutic holistic movements /practices like acupressure, kundalini & tantra longevity breathwork, chakras, astrology, etc; joy of dance;  joy of playfulness;  dances which have no singing but just toning/ohming/huming & or breath instead ( so tone-deaf people, or people shy of singing can be included in leading these dances); joy of finding your `gift' or favorite hobby/pastime; celebrating sentient beings living on other planets;  magic of mermaids; wisdom of the Cheshire Cat; magic of trying something for 1st time;  whales; Yin Yang & Androgyny; dolphins; Just when u think you've learned/tried everything, u turn around a corner & find some new kind of wonder u never expected…The knowledge there are always more wonders around the corner than we could ever imagine, & that life's journey is for finding & experiencing them; player pianos; new positive universal perspectives on teaching & schools;  Maybe your positive spiritual tradition is not much seen or understood --a dance sharing parts universal with other spiritual traditions while celebrating & introducing us to nuances of yours;  Tired of agistness? a dance about how at every age we’ve something infinitely precious to share; Renaissance Faire; Activism; Dr. Seuss; Gift Economy; Wildcrafting; red tents; Growing a garden; homeschooling; Burning Man; Star Trek; the Arabian Nights; intuition; mentoring; Tarot; skillshares; the importance of city people spending time outdoors in nature; success; abundance; friendship; roller coasters; Sacred Feminine; Sacred Masculine; New Wave / 80s music; Contra Dancing; Rube Goldberg; springiness & trampolines; ritual; co-creating; Human Potential...  What new positive directions would YOU like to see for yourself, your loved ones, your communities…

     These Inspiring Occupations are supported by contributions in our fundraiser 


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